If the audience can't see it...
does it count?

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It's time to put the finishing touches on your performance.

Raise your hand if you've ever shared a tiny mirror (and a makeup bag) with the rest of your class/troupe.

We've all been there.

Shows, gigs, recitals. They’re all more complicated than they need to be, due to one simple thing.

Most of us aren’t that great at our makeup. Even those of us that love it and have figured out the secrets are always looking for quicker methods, better products, different styles.

It’s time we took our confidence and our efforts back.

The more time we can work on our dance, the better. Perfecting our expression, our technique, and our knowledge.

Here at Shimmy Set Glow, our goal is to give you the confidence to dance your best by taking the stress of the finishing touches off the table.

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